Honors Institute

Who We Are

The Hinds Honors Institute provides a vibrant community where students will gain a sense of family while challenging themselves in their academics. Our programs allow students to build their resumes as they move toward their educational goals, and we ensure that students can gain satisfaction, right now, by investing in their community while at Hinds CC.

If you want to be challenged to grow, if you desire to stand out among your community college classmates, if you feel compelled to invest a little bit more of yourself in your education, come visit us and see if the Honors Institute would be a good fit for you.

How To Join

Joining the Honors Program at Hinds CC challenges students to dig deeper into their academic studies while becoming active in their campus communities. Students who join the Honors Program enroll in one Honors course of their choice each semester, hopefully in their field of study, and they take a one-hour lecture course called Honors Forum, which brings together all the Honors students on campus to hear special guest speakers, engage in discussion forums, and participate in a yearly research study topic. Honors students are also required to volunteer for community service during the course of each semester.

Students who are active in our Honors Program find a deeper sense of community with one another and the campus that they learn. Faculty members make time to guide Honors students individually on special class projects and show them how to present their research professionally. Students find camaraderie with one another during Honors Forum discussions, working together on service projects, and enjoying the Honors office space on campus. Joining the Honors Program is a fabulous way for students to become more invested in their education.


Student Services Bldg.
3805 Hwy. 80
Pearl, MS 39208
Jenkins Hall 213
PO Box 1100
Raymond, MS 39154