Mental Health Services


Our goal is to create a safe and inviting environment for 希德 CC students and staff. Each individual will receive quality mental health services that facilitate personal growth and individual responsibility through social, psychological and academic functioning. We incorporate a holistic approach in an effort to address every aspect of a person’s life. We respect the diversity of each individual, while valuing each one as unique and important. We strive to accept, respect, show compassion and support for each individual that comes through our doors.

Counseling services at 希德 CC are designed to provide a comprehensive group of resources for students. Services provided by the counseling centers are free and confidential. Usually, no appointment is necessary. Counselors are available at each of our locations.


Office Hours
8:00 AM—4:30 PM
After Hours Contact

Need to talk?

Counselors are available to talk with you concerning personal issues. All information is confidential.