Veteran Services

Hinds Community College recognizes the sacrifice and service of members of the United States Armed Forces and their families. We strive to provide superior service and support to our Veterans and their dependents. Our office is able to assist Veteran students and qualifying dependents use their benefits to cover college expenses. Feel free to contact the Office of Veterans Services for assistance with:

  • Changing careers
  • Upgrading job skills
  • Preparing to transfer to a four-year institution
  • Using your educational benefits
  • Getting involved at Hinds Community College

As a military student, Hinds Community College recognizes the personal sacrifices that you have made for your country. Whether you served on the front lines or were holding the home together while a loved one was away, we understand that it takes dedication and commitment to endure these hardships. Now let Hinds CC give you the assistance you may need in getting started with college.

By recognizing the unique needs of Hinds Community College’s military students and their families, the Office of Veteran Services has been established to assist service members and the families gain the most from their educational experience.

The Office of Veterans Services provides assistance and support to promote a smooth transition from the military to the academic environment. Veteran Services often collaborates with departments across the college to assist veterans with services which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Military transfer credits
  • Residency status
  • Academic accommodations
  • Withdrawals due to deployments
  • Referrals to on and off-campus service providers

At Hinds CC, we are dedicated to accompanying you every step of the way to meet your educational goals. Just as you have given us your best in service, it’s our turn to give you our best in higher education. As a first step, we can help you navigate the process of accessing your GI Bill Benefits.


Naomi Shuff
Assistant Director of Veterans Services